Pedicure Services

We pride ourselves in developing the most luxurious spa services using top quality scrubs, masques, and massage creams for our clients. All of the products used in our treatments are provided by spa specialized brands including cuccio, opi and cnd.

All pedicures are spa quality and begin with a soak. Our refreshing pipeless whirlpool foot bath, using the products specified in your treatment of choice. Nails are shaped, cuticles trimmed and the soles of the feet buffed to a soft, smooth finish. Your feet and legs are massaged for further relaxation and stimulation. Nail polish or nail buffing finishes your therapeutic "sole" renewal.


Introducing our detoxing soak treatment that can be used as a stand alone service as well as an add on service to any pedicure. Feet are soaked for 15 minutes in a warm bath as the Cuccio DETOXSOAK tablet infused with magnesium sulfate crystals and herbal extracts is placed in the basin. The soak not only aids in softening and hydrating rough skin to help the removal of resistant callouses but also contains natural elements that help soothe the mind relieving stress and elevating your mood.

TWEEN (20min) - $22 

A service created specifically for our younger clients of 10 years and under. It includes a mint bath soak, our most basic treatment of the feet and massage. 2 nails design included.

SPA PEDI (25min) - $28

Our basic pedicure. Includes a mint bath soak, maintenance of the feet, followed by a green tea, lotion.

ALOE VERA MINT (40 min) - $36

Aloe vera has multiple properties. It encourages Skin rejuvenation, improving blood circulation, and had anti inflammatory properties. It is also a superb Penetrating moisturizing agent, helping to stimulate The body's immune system. Hot stones massage is included.

CAFE LATE (45 min) - $41

Awaken your senses with this fatigue fighting pedicure. Soak your feet in a warm milk sea bath and enjoy an invigorating cafe latte scrub releasing any excess retention in your legs. A smooth milk masque, hot towels and warm paraffin dip treatment is included before receiving a massage with our coffee scented lotion that will leave your skin feeling firm, smooth and revitalized.

POMEGRANATE (45 min) - $41

Enjoy this sweet service that is enriched in beneficial antioxidants and vitamins. Start your feet off in a warm bath followed by an invigorating scrub made of pomegranate extracts that will buff away dead skin cells. A milk masque with warm towels are applied as well. Follow with warm paraffin dip and hand massage using pomegrant infused lotion.

LAVENDER (50 min) - $46

A treatment catered to relieve tension and bring pure bliss. Immerse your feet in an aromatic bath soak of fresh lavender scents that will help the calming of the mind and spirit. A lavender scented scrub with peppermint extract is then massaged into the skin to restore moisture and relieve aching muscles. Masked legs wrapped with warm towels and hot paraffin dip for the feet will melt away any aches and pains while a massage with our basalt stone and ultra moisturizing lavender butter will leave you in the most blissful state of mind.

SUN-KIST (50 min) - $46

Get swept away as you relax in a refreshing bath of citrus scents with fresh sliced oranges to banish impurities from the feet. Dead skin cells are then sloughed away with our sunkiss scrub. A mask is applied and wrapped in hot towels while feet are treated to a hot paraffin dip. A massage with our orange citrus lotion ends this invigorating pedicure service.

FRESH CUCUMBER (50 min) - $46

"Cool as a Cucumber" is how you will leave feeling with this pedicure that start off in a warm mint bath soak along with fresh slices of crisp cucumbers, exfoliates legs with a cooling cucumber scrub that pomotes pro inflammatory enzymes, a milky mask application and a hot basalt stone massage using our refreshing cucumber scented lotion.

PEDICOLADA (55 min) - $51

A refreshing experience unlike any other, this spa treatment begins with a blend of warm organic coconut oil and sea bath soak that help in detoxifying the skin. Enriched in vitamins and enzymes that help aid in renewed feet, the coconut and white rum sugar scrub will help replenish and hydrate the skin followed by a warm mud mask that is applied to the legs wrapped with hot towels to open pores and allow deep penetration to the skin. Hot paraffin wax for the feet will restore hydration and the relaxing massage of warm stone massage and pineapple massage cream will have you feeling like you've just come from a long rejuvenating tropical vacation.

MILK AND HONEY (55 min) - $51

Indulge yourself in this lush pedicure experience. While treating your nails, relaese tension as you soak your feet in a warm and aromatic organic milk bath. As the soak dissolves the proteins that make up dead skin cells, real honey and an invigorating sugar scrub helps slough it away leaving silky new skin to apply our milk masque to. As your feet are dipped into the hot paraffin and legs are covered with warm towels, feel the tension melt away with basalt hot stone and enjoy the finishing touches of a milk butter massage to conclude this soothing service designed to induce the deepest level of relaxation.

ROYAL VERBENA (55 min) - $51

Vacation your mind and body as you dip your feet into a warm bath with fresh lemon slices that is rich in antioxidants aiding in nourishing and softening the skin. After receiving the basic maintenance of the nails and cuticles, fall deeper into relaxation as the exfoliating sugar scrub made from a blend botanical citrus extracts is buffed into the skin to remove any impurities. A tension relieving mask is then applied and enveloped by hot towels. Finally, submerge those replenished toes into our warm paraffin wax before getting those aches and pains massaged away by warm stones with our royal butter made of an alluring blend of sparkling lemon, Yuzu and an essence of white tea that will leave you relaxed and your skin firm. A royal treatment you can't deny.


The name says it all. Soothe and soak your feet in this purely organic spa treatment of tropical sea bath. To rejuvenate the skin, an anti-aging mandarin and mango scrub combined with fresh mandarin is buffed into the legs and feet followed by a warm milk masque enveloped by hot towels around the legs. The feet are then treated by hot paraffin dip and a massage of hot basalt stones with our organic lotion helping to heal, regenerate and condition skin, leaving it beautifully smooth and hydrated revealing tighter, brighter and more youthful looking skin.


Come join us to a wonderful paradise. This warm therapeutic pedicure offers several benefits for the most aching soles using the elements of heat throughout the service. The warm oleo vera jello soak helps purify toxin while being treated to classic maintenance for the feet. The earth warming micro abrasion scrub not only buffs away dull skin but releases a warmning agent to open pores for deeper penetration. The mud masque in warm towels and hot paraffin wax help seal in moisture while heated stones massaged with a heat releasing oil stimulates and improves blood circulation taking you to the root of relaxation.

PEARL PEDICURE (60 min) - $60

Dive deep into this beauty and health secret used for thousands of years in Asia. Authentic fine milled Pearl Powder containing 31% calcium and 56% protein as well as an assortment of 20 different amino acids beneficial to bone development are used throughout this luxurious spa service. Start with your feet dipped into a warm gelatin like soak allowing the natural pearls to absorb oils and any impurities. Next, a gentle foaming cleanser with a silky lather is massaged into legs followed by a sugar scrub that will leave skin smooth and clear with a radiant glow. The special mask infused with proteins aiding in renewal of skin cells is applied as well as hot paraffin treatment for the feet. Fall deeper into relaxation as this organic pedicure ends with a massage using a combination of the Pearl Powder massage cream and lotion containing natural moisturizers that also help in filtering out sun rays as well as leaving you with lustrous looking skin.